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CrushEase Electric Garlic Masher - USB Mini Food Processor

CrushEase Electric Garlic Masher - USB Mini Food Processor

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Unleash the full flavour of your meals with CrushEase, the ultimate kitchen companion that transforms tedious prep work into a simple, press-button experience. Elevate your cooking with ease and enjoy the taste of freshness in every bite.

  • 🥗 Effortlessly integrates into your healthy lifestyle
  • ⚡ Electric operation for hands-free chopping
  • 🔄 Quick and efficient meal prep
  • ✨ Easy to clean and maintain
  • 🌱 Safe, BPA-free materials for peace of mind
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CrushEase Electric Garlic Masher - USB Mini Food Processor

Compact Power

Don't let the size fool you. Though small enough to fit in any kitchen drawer, CrushEase packs a punch, making it your mighty ally for quick garnishes or small-batch blending. Ideal for single servings and small tasks without the bulk of larger processors.

CrushEase Electric Garlic Masher - USB Mini Food Processor

One-Touch Control

Simplify your prep with the single-button operation. CrushEase's user-friendly design means you can achieve perfect consistency with just a touch, freeing up time to focus on the finer points of your culinary creations.

CrushEase Electric Garlic Masher - USB Mini Food Processor

Versatile & Multifunctional

CrushEase isn't just for garlic. This versatile chopper can handle everything from hearty vegetables for your stews to nuts for your baking needs, even helping you whip up a quick pesto or salsa. Plus, it's an excellent tool for creating smooth, healthy purees for infants.

CrushEase Electric Garlic Masher - USB Mini Food Processor

Dry & Wet Separation Feature

Embrace the convenience of the CrushEase's intelligent design, which includes a baffle for easy separation of dry and wet ingredients. This means less cross-contamination and more flavour integrity in your dishes, coupled with a breeze of a clean-up.

  • Emma Brown

    "CrushEase has changed the way I cook! No more tears from chopping onions, and it's perfect for quick salsa. A game-changer!"

  • James Liu

    "Making baby food is a breeze now. I know exactly what's going into my baby's meals, and I couldn't be happier."

  • Ava Patel

    "I bought CrushEase on a whim, and it's now my favorite kitchen gadget. It's surprisingly powerful for its size!"


How do I clean my CrushEase?

The CrushEase is designed for easy cleaning. The bowl and blades are detachable and can be rinsed directly under water. For a thorough clean, use a mild dish soap. Ensure the electronic components are kept dry.

Can I chop nuts or ice with this chopper?

Yes, the CrushEase is equipped with a powerful motor and sharp stainless steel blades that can chop nuts and crush ice efficiently. However, for the longevity of the product, we recommend chopping nuts and ice in shorter bursts.

What is the capacity of CrushEase?

The CrushEase comes in two convenient sizes, 100ML and 250ML, to cater to different cooking needs, whether it's a quick garlic crush or more substantial chopping tasks.

Is the material safe for food contact?

Absolutely, the material of the CrushEase chopper is BPA-free and food-grade, ensuring safety and health for you and your family.

How do I charge my CrushEase?

CrushEase operates with the simplicity of USB recharging via the provided USB cable making it a perfect companion for any kitchen or travel cooking.

Guarantee Section

We're pretty confident you'll fall in love with CrushEase at first chop! But in the rare case that you two don't click, we've got a 30-day money-back guarantee that's smoother than your freshly pureed tomato soup. If CrushEase doesn't make the cut, let us know, and we'll refund you faster than you can say "garlic zest." We're here to spice up your kitchen experience, not complicate it – your culinary joy is the secret ingredient we value the most!